What to expect

When you come for your first physiotherapy appointment, we do a thorough assessment that involves looking at your injury or problem in the context of your lifestyle. Rather than asking you to strip to your underwear , for example, we may simply ask you to walk around the room so we can see how you move when you are relaxed. Our experience shows that this is the best way of seeing what’s really going on. At the same time, we’ll also be checking whether there is anything medically important going on beneath the surface.

Hydrotherapy pool

We also treat patients at a nearby hydrotherapy pool where appropriate. This is particularly useful for those recovering from knee replacement surgery. It can also be a real help for people suffering from neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or cerebral palsy.

Personalised Treatment programme

We then plan a treatment programme tailored specifically for you and your particular problem. At the heart of every programme will be hands-on treatment by one of our skilled physiotherapists. This will be supplemented by laser therapy or shockwave therapy using machines. More effective than traditional ultrasound, these machines increase the blood supply. This in turn stimulates the body’s acute response and helps you heal faster so you need fewer physio sessions.


During sessions, you’ll be guided though exercises to help improve strength and mobility, and you’ll also get advice on how to go about your daily life in a way that minimises the impact of the problem and stops you doing further damage.

Onsite Gym

We have an on-site rehabilitation gym, which you will be able to use at no extra charge for as long as you need it. If a programme of gym exercises is right for you, we’ll explain exactly what you need to do and how to use the equipment. You then simply book slots as and when you need them.

Honest Advice

Some problems can be sorted out in a single session; some take longer. Many are completely curable, some are not. Sometimes, physiotherapy can remove the need for an operation. Some conditions may need a lifetime of treatment, to keep symptoms at bay. Every case is different. So once we’ve finished our initial assessment, you’ll get our honest opinion of what you can realistically expect physiotherapy to do for your particular condition.

To book an initial assessment and find out how we can help, simply give us a ring on 01625 432152