Sports Injury in Tytherington

Sports Injury in Tytherington

Ensure that your sports injury in Tytherington gets the best treatment from John Griffiths Physiotherapy. Our team of experts in various physiotherapy sectors and disciplines has wide ranging experience in treating a variety of conditions. We treat people of all ages, including children and our experts include both male and female physiotherapists. Unlike many other professionals, we adopt a practical and client centric approach rather than rely on a standard, one-size-fits-all line of treatment. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments that includes state of the art techniques and technologies. Laser therapy, shock wave therapy, complementary therapies like medical acupuncture, Alexander technique, chiropody, podiatry, Pilates, clinical hydrotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and sports massage are some of the treatments we provide. We conduct an in-depth analysis and study of your case before suggesting possible therapy options.

For athletes in Tytherington, sports injuries can occur during the practice of any sport or while exercising. These injuries can range from minor sprains and strains to contusions, open wounds, bone fracture, head injuries, cramps, and spinal cord injuries. They can put the person out of action for anything from a few hours to permanently for life. Repetitive sports injuries include runner’s knee, tennis elbow and tendonitis. Though anyone can suffer these injuries, there may be certain risk factors associated with sports injuries. They include age, gender, weight, height, fatigue, lack of sleep, body irregularities like flat-feet, knock-knees, and high arches. Outside factors like poor equipment, insufficient warm-up, maintenance and condition of the sports field can also contribute to the seriousness of injuries. Apart from the physical pain and suffering, sports injuries can also cause emotional stress and tension. Anxiety, depression and high stress usually accompany sports injuries. There is pressure to heal quickly and resume normal activities as quickly as possible. These aspects should also be considered while treatments are given.

If you’ve suffered sports injuries in Tytherington while playing an individual sport or while exercising, we can help you to heal quickly and effectively. Contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy today if you need assistance with sports injuries. You can book early morning or late evening appointments to sync with your schedules.

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