Podiatrist in Wilmslow

Podiatrist in Wilmslow

If you have a problem with your ankles or feet then our podiatrist in Wilmslow can help you. In many English speaking countries the term Chiropodist is also used. Our specialist therapist is Mark Hughan and he can help with painful problems such as ingrowing toenails and verrucae. You may wonder why there are specialist treatments for feet but once you experience the pain and suffering that goes with many of these foot problems you will realise how helpless you are with sore feet. Toe nail conditions can also cause mobility problems as can hard skin, corns and calluses.

Problems with your feet can leave you immobile if you do not take action. In Wilmslow, podiatrist care can cure them and leave you pain free and able to carry on with a normal life. Some of the problems can be dealt with by once off procedure but others may need a series of treatments to control them. Biomechanics can help relieve pain in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. It entails examining how the body moves and learning how to correct the way you stand, walk and run. This may seem simple but there are complex mechanics in the movement of the human body. Any part of the body that is out of alignment can cause stress in other parts of the body and by re-aligning the body the stress is relieved.

The treatments offered by our podiatrist in Wilmslow are reasonably priced. Mark is a State Registered Chiropodist and holds the Diploma in Podiatric Medicine. Contact John Griffiths today to book and appointment with Mark. He has been practicing for more than 25 years including six years in charge of a hospital diabetic unit. He works with the general public and professional sports people. We are a small team of physiotherapists and work with people of all ages including the elderly and children. We take a practical approach to getting you better and use some of the latest equipment when necessary. We also have a gym for onsite rehabilitation.

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