Physio for Back Pain in Chelford

Physio for Back Pain in Chelford

We believe physio for back pain in Chelford administered at the onset will shorten your discomfort time. Early treatment is your best chance of preventing the pain from becoming chronic. It’s estimated that 2.5 million people in the UK suffer back pain to some degree every day. If it’s chronic, it’s exhausting, lowering the quality of all areas of your life. Every day, before anything else, many must attend to their back pain before they can get on with their day. Some take painkillers, muscle relaxers, use ice or heat therapy and gently perform stretches. Most do all of the above and more than once a day. Unfortunately, for many those administrations succeed only in making the pain bearable. Back pain is in charge.

For patients in Chelford, physio for back pain starts is as easy as scheduling a consultation. Often, pinpointing the exact cause for pain is difficult to impossible, especially when it’s left untreated or self-treated for a long time. Our therapists can determine if it’s joint, tendon, muscle or nerve pain. Once that is decided we design a treatment plan to specifically address the individual’s pain. We use massage, manipulation, water therapy, flexibility exercises and when necessary, medication. Since nerves, muscles, tendons and joints all occupy the area where pain is felt it’s likely the pain has multiple triggers. Left untreated, more areas will weaken and add to the discomfort. Back pain sufferers can unknowingly be their own worst enemy. Daily habits may be the culprit.

Physio for back pain in Chelford with our therapists will relieve your back pain. However, that’s not the whole answer. We can identify habits you have acquired that contribute to or cause your pain. Then we help you put preventative measures in place. Almost everyone will benefit from core strength and specific back muscle strengthening exercises. Sitting and/or driving all day can cause nerve pain and so you need techniques to use throughout the day as preventatives. We may discover you only need special orthotics for your shoes. If the shoes are high heels we’ll probably tell you to just throw them away. Contact John Griffiths at the first sign of back pain. We’ll schedule a consultation and design a course of therapy and education that will relieve your pain and minimise the chance of future occurrences.

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