Other Conditions

Physiotherapy for Other Conditions

Whatever your problem, it’s worth talking to us. Physiotherapy is effective for a wide range of aches, pains, injuries and other conditions.


We have the specialist knowledge within our team to deal with most of these, from treating common but painful conditions such as Morton’s neuroma and plantar fasciitis, right through to helping people with Parkinson’s disease with walking, posture and balance.


We also do a lot of work with women who are pregnant or have just given birth, helping them to manage and recover from the strains that pregnancy and childbirth put on the body.

Our services cover four key areas:

  • Muscoloskeletal – bones, joints, soft tissues.
  • Neuromuscular – brain, nerves, nervous system.
  • Cardiovascular fitness – heart, blood circulation.
  • Respiratory – organs that help you breath such as the lungs, windpipe(trachea), larynx (voice box)


Whatever you come to us for, you’ll find a relaxed and supportive approach. Combining physiotherapy expertise with practical tactics designed around you and your lifestyle, we’ll work with you to help minimise the impact of your condition on your daily life and, wherever possible, to get you better.


To find out how physiotherapy can help you and your condition, call us on 01625 432152 to book your initial assessment.

To book an initial assessment and find out how we can help, simply give us a ring on 01625 432152