Clinical Hypnotherapy

Therapist: Diane Bygrave

Conditions Treated

Hypnotherapy successfully cures many psychosomatic conditions such as


  • phobias
  • stress & anxiety
  • Psoriasis
  • IBS
  • Emotional states such as anger, jealousy and rejection


It can also be used to help a patient with


  • Passing exams/driving tests
  • Giving up Smoking
  • Public Speaking
  • Confidence
  • Alcohol issues
  • Nail Biting
  • Sports performance enhancement and much more


Diane also offers GASTRIC BAND Hypnotherapy for permanent Weight Loss, and HYPNOBIRTHING for Relaxed Confident Childbirth.

Experience and Qualifications

Diane is an Advanced Hypnotherapist who is on the UK Hypnotherapy Register and is a licensed member of the Hypnotherapy Association.


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How Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you

Guided imagery or visualization is one aspect of hypnotherapy where descriptions of images for you to visualize help you to work through various medical or emotional concerns either by direct suggestion or use of metaphor in the imagery. It is often said that imagery is the language of the sub-concious mind. Other times, the therapist will give you suggestions to help you on your healing journey. Each person interprets these suggestions, or views the imagery in their own way, according to what is needed by the person at the time.

What Clinical Hypnotherapy involves

Generally experienced as restful and relaxing, it is different to slumber. During hypnosis (the altered state of consciousness) you are aware of your surroundings, hearing sounds, smelling smells, also being aware of movements and in control of your actions. Consciousness is NOT lost, rather it becomes more selective.

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